All these years of hard work dedicated to the care and selection of ourbest grapes is reflected for the first time in our UNOPORUNO wines, produced in “Finca La Serna” and “Finca La Moheda”, located in the vertex of Cuenca, Albacete y Ciudad Real provinces.


Our UNOPORUNO Tempranillo comes from our 40 Has in Finca La Serna planted in 1995 with tempranillo vines brought for Rioja. At the beginning it was planted in cup-shaped system and harvested by hand but 5 years later were turned into trellises adapting it to modern production techniques. The control of production and the harvesting at the exact moment of maturation give our wines an unique character .


Our UNOPORUNO 15 hectares of Syrah were planted in 2004 in Finca La Moheda. The harvest takes place between 10 pm and 6 am in the morning. Grapes arrive to the winery at a low temperatura in order to keep the aromatic prower of this viariety. During all these years we have been waiting for the vines to be mature enough to get the quality we expect. The moment has come and we are glad to show all of you this Syrah vintage 2018.


Our UNOPORUNO Cabernet Sauvignon was planted in 2000. Although the adaptation of this variety to our soil and climate has been difficult from the very beginning, by letting the grapes mature as much as possible we have succeeded in having a typical cabernet sauvignon rich in flavours and high tannin content.


In 2005 we brought some plants from Rueda and planted our 10 hectares of Verdejo on our sandiest soils with the aim to make a blend with the 5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc we already had. Even though our región is known by the airen variety, we always believed that these two varieties would adapt perfectly to our production area and would make together a perfect coupage. The blend is made on grapes which ferment together in order to get the puriest aromas and a full-body. Our UNOPORUNO Verdejo/Sauvignon Blanc is a a typical young Verdejo with a pale greenish yellow color in the glass and peach notes


Elaborated with the Macabeo variety, grown on our 10 hectares in Finca La Serna. UNOPORUNO Macabeo shows a intense yellow colour with nice green tones. Apple and Mango aromas are present on the nose and in mouth is a long well balanced fresh and fruity wine.